oh you're a gamer? prove to me you played spacewar with stolen pdp time at mit

"Why Is This A Thing?" would be a good blog or podcast name

sneak peek at a very rough draft of the big pic I'm working on. biggest piece I've done yet with the most characters involved

SFW sona art (some ec), appreciate-a-dragon day 

Appreciate A Dragon Day huh? ^.=.^
(🎨: @Pixelbyte on Twitter, @CherrySnakeCat on Twitter, @/azushark@computerfairi.es, and @KingSmiggles on Twitter)

me, seeing the number 256: that's!! the programming number!!!

What? You pretend to be a human on the internet? How degrading! What would your family think of it?!

starbound, the game where if you think you have enough torches, you don't have enough torches

It's cheaper to have groceries delivered than to tell yourself that you'll go shopping later, neglect to out of exhaustion, and then order fast food anyway after spinning your wheels from hours of guilt-ridden hunger.

(Which is all the more reason why we need basic income and ready access to essentials regardless of income.)

It's actually rather odd that society (here in the US) expects every household to handle its own cooking regardless of circumstances, but then it's part and parcel of the same consumerist model that pushes for everyone to buy their own lawnmower when one could serve the entire block if only they shared it.

Post-pandemic, who in your neighborhood could be willing and eager to cook meals for you and your neighbors? I'm sure a lot of empty-nesters would love the excuse to cook big meals again (and long for the company of a shared meal).

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lmao every time I do thin lineart l get to this point and remember why I don't do it: it takes way too long to try to color it

we kind of just think of antarctica as this place that doesn't really exist except as a mystery or a bug in the world, and the thought of travelling across that part of the world by sea is really baffling even though south america and australia are not so far away comparatively if you do that

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i wonder if our maps would just be a totally different projection if antarctica were a place that a lot of people lived at

and that’s about the time she went and kickbanned me
nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three
and always saying “GNU-slash-Linux”
what the hell is BSD? my friends say I should act my age
what’s my age again, what’s my age again

apparently there are secret F13 through F24 keys that you invoke with shift-F1 through F12

he was a sk8er boi
she said see you l8er boi
he wasn't good enough for her
now she's a superstar
slammin' on her guitar
and he's still stuck in the town of his birth

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