trans culture is meeting someone and you immediately start discussing IPv6 subnetting and embedded hardware design is shutting down:

I'm not here to bash Google, I'm here to say:

Consider whether you actually need a URL shortener. Using them in any kind of long-lived document (or even a toot if you leave yours up) makes them more fragile.

There might be a need for them in some contexts where input is confined, or if you expect someone to have to type in the link manually, but overall they're best avoided if you don't specifically need them. Not only are they fragile, but they remove whatever information about where a link might lead that the URL would provide.

If a link is TOO long, consider cutting off all the UTM metadata or other tracking information that doesn't serve to locate the content.

when a furry sneezes the sound it makes is achuwu send toot

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I just realized I've never dated a cis white man. I intend to continue this time-honored tradition indefinitely.

fired: calling me “sir” because you’ve mistaken me for a man
inspired: calling me “sir” like Marcie does to Peppermint Patty

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you: internalized misogyny
me, a prominent and totally non-creepy sexologist: autogynephobia

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It’s always weird to me when people use “free software” or “open-source” to market their app that is only supported on proprietary, commercial platforms.

if you copy and paste this image into right now, it will immediately do absolutely nothing, and probably nobody will notice

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Oh wow. My mother actually used my name for the first time.

My least favorite part of that trope where a girl walks into a walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes and says she has nothing to wear is that I have three tops, two pairs of jeans, and a pair of shoes, but I still never feel like I can say I haven’t enough to wear without invoking that trope.

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