re: The core problem with the dirtbag left/Chapo/BreadTube 

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And here's a cleaned up version with added rim lighting, darkened shadows, colored inking, and a minimal background.

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fox report 

covid-19, New York State 

Cyber-cat, CW: slightly body horror maybe? 

Selfie, eye contact 

Its always cathartic when you see a Karen at the supermarket disrespecting employees and getting security called on her ass for it.

someone just walked down the street playing a dragon-spined tuba

is "unlimited fax machines" actually a neat band name, or am i just weird?

you couldn't, like, keep 100 tabs open back then but that's what bookmarks are for!

i think if it weren't for every website getting about that much in assets and scripts, 512mb would still be perfectly workable for most things people want to use computers for

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i remember when 512mb of RAM was totally workable, and when every machine had a CD-ROM drive. some still had floppy drives too!!

actually it's only TERFism if it comes out of a (corrupted) radfem tradition, otherwise it's just sparkling misogyny

Just a reminder that trans people asking to use more accurate language to describe ourselves isn’t “younger trans people hating older trans people”.

You can tell this because it’s often just shitty younger trans people claiming this to dismiss everyone else as too young to understand why it’s actually okay that they use problematic and/or harmful language.

The core problem with the dirtbag left/Chapo/BreadTube 

I'm wide awake at this hour, apparently. And so are the birds outside the kitchen window.

Mandatory TDOV photo 

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