anyone else notice that they tend to take on bits of the language and affectation of others they're close with?

yeah okay it's the damndest thing

i feel my enthusiasm coming back, but really only for learning how to write things with factor

I liked the warmup doodle I did so I threw color on it real quick

Here's a new Shield Cat character I created called Julie! She works as an apprentice engineer with Parker on the trains, and serves as the boss of the forest area (first stage of the game)

uspol, facebook, family, actually kind of funny 

So someone I know on facebook posted a story about a family of conservatives who claimed "pro-Biden anarchists(?)" tagged their garage with "Biden 2020" and the anarchist A before burning it down.

I can't decide which of these comments I like better: The one from OP that said, "The venn diagram of people who would tag 'Biden 2020' and the anarchist A is 2 completely separate circles," or my sister's comment, "This reminds me of the time that I doodled on a wall in the house then signed it 'Alex' so my sister would get in trouble instead.... Thing is I was like 5."

I had a terrible idea and had to make it a reality:


If only I were so cute and fluffy and terrible and awesome.

Given a weighted graph of a lesbian polycule, find the shortest distance between two nodes. Dyke-stra's algorithm.

Another new dragon pic!
Now that I've got the hang of this style, it's time to throw a wrench in everything with the next page, in which I need to draw a second dragon but wispier.

just watched end of evangelion and uh

hoo jeez, what a fucking ride

I still haven't moved on from the fact that I am //fluffy//.

You know what? I'm also going to share some wisdom because this has -literally- been one of the Refrains in my life.

If someone's trying to restrict or punish you and their phrasing is any permutation of "We need to keep you safe/we're here to protect you", etc.

At minimum, in that moment, they're a cop. No one who says this is acting in your best interest. No one.

not body horror, just a kind of surreal experience 

I was looking in the mirror this morning and noticed my third eyelids for the first time, and then I remembered I don't have third eyelids

medical peril, implied perversion, out of context quote 

"Don't give yourself hypothermia with an ice cream enema. I'm not driving anyone to the hospital."

fuck the economy and its stupid magical numbers

you don't hate Mondays, you hate the concept of linear time

current plurality status: it feels good to refer to us as a collective, but damned if we could tell you what's in it

people give the fediverse shit for having content warnings, but you know what?

coming up with the content warning is half of the fun of shitposting

i just played a "medical peril" and an "implied perversion" in the same CW, which gives me a triple score

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