nice sydney opera house you got here. would be a shame it if were to become the the sydney Lesbian house...

why are you buying soup at the clothes store

opens fox muzzle, emits chords that are subtly mistuned and complicated fractions

My brain:
❌wanting to present masculine
❌wanting to present feminine
❌wanting to present androgynous
✅wanting to present rubber kangaroo

2009: machine learning is like money laundering, but for biases

2019: machine learning is like bitcoin mining, but for algorithms

(ai/ml/cryptocurrency bros don't @ me)

I wish it were more socially acceptable to walk around places wearing a big, fluffy tail, like the fox that I am.

These all mean the same thing 

violent implications 

aaaaaaa cishet white men are being held accountable for their decades-long abusive patterns of behaviour! This is cancel culture run amok!!!

acab, murder 


is it valid to greatly dislike working on frontend code

cuz i do

i wish i knew ipa, entirely so i could type myself intentionally mispronouncing words and making puns

Age differences; hard boundary; might be morally judging you rn 

Half your age + 7; trying to hash out my moral boundaries; discussing large age differences in romantic relationships 

The real gender was the friends we made along the way.

are you tired of being cis? don't you just want to go trans gendd?

d/s shitpost 

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