dragon quest xi is trying really hard to make me not want to buy it, wow

there's a mandatory (?) section where you go to a sauna, it has separate sections for the Binary Genders, and they're colour-coded blue and red

if you sneak into the "wrong" section, which you can indeed do, you get berated gerudo botw style and then you get an achievement called "where no man has gone before"

i do not like this one bit :blobcatglaredrink:

I am SO about the traditions of furries live tweeting their zoo trips

on plurality 

I wrote this story over a decade ago, and it's once again seasonally relevant. for those of us on the outside: Rudolph's Refusal. archiveofourown.org/works/4506

re: PSA, culture, AIDS 

every day is an intercalary day if you just ✨ believe ✨

You: how do you remember all these obscure facts?

Me: I have a pneumatic device

You: You mean a mnemonic device?

Me, over a loud hissing noise: No

all smart phones are foldable actually, you just gotta heat them up first :blobcatangel:

pol; Bolivia 

re: 2010-2019 in retrospect 

2010-2019 in retrospect 

if sonic forces is so good why is there no sonic fiveces

hmm snuggling my gf is good in my humble imho :blobcatheart:

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