game project details and pics 

your fursona

but a custom bionicle kit

I just found out about the term "living document" - a page that constantly changes and evolves as the author learns more and presents the idea better, evolving it as they go

I quite like this a lot

@queeranarchism now there's an insight

in the process of learning to feel like I'm worth something, i've become able to believe i might have something to *offer* to my communit(y/ies) over a span of decades

which opens up "sticking around" as a meaningful alternative to martyrdom, instead of as a defeat

Researchers* claim that snuggling a fox can improve your mood!

Also the fox's mood.

it's 9:45am and i am pleased to report that i am awake and delightfully genderqueer

lewd silly 

wouldn't it be wild if we could have a furry convention on the moon someday in the future?

endocrinology shitpost 

doing this on twitter too, i hope i'm not killing myself by doing it here and having both posts blow up

i know it's exceedingly unlikely that we'll have both frequent space travel and also chemical rocket takeoffs from earth being part of it

but part of me wants that to be true, just so i could see space launches in the sky from my apartment window at night and admire the show

Finished making this! Bending things into circles is hard.

hrnnngh, colonel, I'm trying to sneak around, but I'm fight buppy, and the clap of my jorts keeps alerting the guards!

wow once again i don't reflexively hate my appearance on a zoom meeting

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