let's not all deradicalize just because the democrats are nominally in power now


we are no longer digging a hole quite as fast, which is in the right direction but not nearly enough. haven't even stopped digging yet let alone started filling the hole in.

Rumex obtusifolius aka Broad-leaf Dock
Santa Cruz CA

I’m taking a bunch to eat since it’s invasive asf

uspol, good news 

45's nuclear biscuit just expired

transmisic microaggression vent 

cis people please stop joking that your method of birth control is being gay

that's not how anything works

re: prehistoric art appreciation thread, feel free to add your faves! 

@umalkosh this 200,000 year old handaxe was deliberately shaped around a fossil shell. it's one of the earliest art objects known, and predates the arrival of Homo Sapiens to Europe (where it was discovered).

uspol, trans (-) but not what you're thinking 

every time the press drops dox on yet another Terminally Online white supremacist edgelady from the january 6 coup, the second or third thought in my head is always "oh god oh god please don't let her be trans" 😬

do not do this it will bluescreen your computer 

if you wanna experience this windows bug

go to your browser (i used firefox) and type \\.\GLOBALROOT\Device\ConDrv\KernelConnect

in my case, it crashed as soon as i typed the last t, before i could hit enter

epistemic status: probably bullshit but fun to think

there is a lot to unpack here, a few things are:

a) our connection to reality as parasocial "fans" instead of co-creators within this context (due to widespread disenfranchisement and alienation under late capitalism)

b) reality being viewed as this kind of non-canonical story of the world

c) that creative impulse that we cannot express in this reality being rerouted to imagining other realities

d) our imagining of reality being constrained by what we have experienced and expect of the reality we live in

e) these constructed realities thereby having a verisimilitude that, combined with the original reality bring non-canon anyway, we can in a sense choose to live here instead

f) differences of opinion between realities causes social divisions along those lines (your ship is garbage/problematic, mine is perfect)

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gonna open a cuddle bar. called holding company

You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas (but do wait until you're all vaccinated) to have family over to cook a giant meal with lots of leftovers.

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Suddenly I want a pet kobold. One that can curl up on my lap and enjoy pets, or... well...

Naw, I'm not gonna say any of that on the public TL, even CWed.


i have a nice analog clock on my wall, the sort of analog clock that ticks every second and has a swinging pendulum

i like to watch the clock, watching the pendulum go back and forth, back and forth, as time imperceptibly slips by...



anyway, it's a cute clock, here it is in action

re: the current meta (about kobolds) 

my personal opinions about kobolds:

I LOVE 'EM. they're super fun to play as 5th Ed. D&D characters, I love the depth and understanding that's been put into their society in the current edition, it makes them *make sense* in a way that previous versions never really bothered. I think of them as basically miniature dragonkin, in the same way that domestic cats are miniature tigers. 💚 I think my next character is going to be a kobold monk. TINY FLYING FISTS OF FURY

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