spoiling some of the twists in madoka magica and also, uh, steven universe 

am i the only one who's noticed that the gems in su work suspiciously similarly to the magical girls in pmmm

i mean. people who appear to be human but are actually small precious stones controlling their humanoid bodies, who have magical powers that primarily revolve around signature weapons that are pulled out of said precious stones? and also we later discover that their gems can be corrupted turning them into twisted monstrous versions of their past selves, which it turns out were secretly the main enemies they've been fighting the whole time??

so i guess my real question is, can magical girls fuse

Sexuality thoughts 

In all things, every night is different. Some nights, libidos are at their peak but either everyone's busy, your wants don't entirely gel with your partner's, or too much else is going on to get completely in the mood.
Things come up. Bodies act contrary to libidos. Libidos act contrary to bodies. You've seen a partner too often to spark the lust of not having seen them in a while. You're having to rebuild trust with someone you don't see often every time you get together. You wonder what other partners might think.
You don't want to think. You want to be fucked until there is nothing in you but fuck but your mind just won't. Let. Go.
Your body takes sensations differently every day. A touch here does it for you every day but not today. Why. Frustration mounts. A song creeps into your head and won't leave. Your lover isn't fucking you right.
Or everything is going fine. Their touch is needed and welcomed. And it's fine. They taste good. You nibble and suck and demand more. And it's fine. It's decent indecent sex. It's preferable to a night with an edible. Tonight you found the baseline. Congratulations.
Or there you are, collared and tied and damn it, you won't fall.
But you'll remember the nights everything comes together. Rare but so satisfying.
Every night is different.

hrt, mental health drugs 

hey, here's a possibly bad interaction for y'all to be cognizant of, that i personally experienced. ymmv, talk to your doctor if you've got one, this is not medical advice.

progesterone apparently does bump up the dopamine in your brain. if you're already on adhd medication like methylphenidate, it could push you into a state of uncomfortably high stimulation and hypomania.

if you're feeling energetic all the time with an undercurrent of exhaustion that just builds... it's possible that's happening to you too.


I'm designing a dragon-sona!
Because I wanna be coooooool.

benefits of the "wired" regex:
- also matches waluigi's gender

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fired: wombyn
tired: womxn and femmes
expired: wxmyn, trxns and nonbxnary folx
wired: /(w.)?(m[a-z]n)?/

when in trouble,
when in doubt;

just remember:
escape colon q bang out

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in some sense it feels like i'm invoking ... myself?

wow is that what it feels like to just be yourself?

reddit being shit to trans women again 

r/animemes banned the use of the weeb t slur? you know the one. which is extremely good because fuck that word

however of course the subreddit is now flooded with people whining about how that word only ever applies to anime femboys and has never ever affected a real trans person ever. and also, uh, inventing new slurs to use instead

fuck this webbed site

my hobby: hanging out on the federated timeline, rendering aid to folks who are stuck in vim

kink implied 

yessss, got my hair into the perfect ponytail (where perfect ≣ forcefully grabbable without yanking on any one strand of hair)

okay, we're going to be very clear about what we're doing, so we avoid this particular category of problem.

what we're doing is this half-intentional reinterpretation of everything in our life, and finding the stories/scripts/spells that make it all line up and lead us to the affect we need for it. and also to really learn some lessons about ourselves and the world.

very little i say is exactly what it seems. none of it is canon. or, well, not your canon. unless you want it to be.

tired: bookmarking your own toots to boost later

wired: retelling your own toots, but with a new understanding and a different meaning that's more poignant for the times

detransition rate 

@jazzikicks would you rather have 999 trans people struggling to get transition treatment or one (1) person potentially getting it but then regretting it? Put otherwise, would you rather have A) 999 happily transitioning trans folks or B) one (1) cis person who was saved from the (very low) chance of accidentally transitioning?

Only a transphobe would pick option B, valuing the happiness of a cis person 1000x higher than the happiness of a trans person.

And I also wonder how many of those transition regretters are nonbinary and only regret transitioning too far towards the opposite binary gender.

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