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Demon: I am summoned.

Programmer: Hi I'd like to sell my immortal soul in exchange for knowing why the fuck my script isn't doing this clear thing it should by all accounts do.

Demon: :laughing: Done! And now, you're answer is... :terrifying pause: :hideous anguished face: It can't be!!! :Demon burns to a crisp whose ashes are blown away by the wind:

Programmer: Great can you tell my manager that

sfw pooltoy art 

look, it me!

by Octipop1 on twitter

we built this city
we built this city on rock and roll
we built this city
we built this city and we're not civil engineers and oh god oh fuck

we took social networking software and turned it into a furry real-time fidonet with nodes called things like "", "", "", etc, and that's pretty neat

thinking about subcultures where the *absence* of exaggerated affect when speaking is semantically significant

e.g. the apocryphal early 20th-century colour sergeant who would scream “git yer fucking rifles you cunts” and mean one thing, but speak a quick flat “get your rifles” and mean something different and much more serious

Today's doodle, in which I messed about with Krita's automatic lineart filling thingy, which is quite neat.
As a result of messing about, I have no idea how long this one took.

all cops are bastards

especially the ones in Seattle

all cops are bastards

especially those flying thin-blue-line flags made by prison slave labor

Dear :

This is an important message about a critical information disclosure bug in Mastodon.

tl;dr: Followers-only posts may be disclosed to unintended parties, and there is no fix yet.

Long version:
The "Relationships" page ( allows members to remove followers, and it does this by sending a Reject Follow message to the remote instance. The remote instance is supposed to remove the follower when it receives this message.

Since October 2019, Mastodon instances have not properly handled this Reject Follow message. The upshot of this is that if you used /relationships to remove a follower on a Mastodon instance, the unfollow didn't actually happen. This means that followers-only posts may be disclosed to unintended parties.

Furthermore, this fix has to be applied to every Mastodon instance on the Fediverse before this problem stops getting worse. Also, there is currently no known way to fix this problem, because no record is kept of Reject Follow messages.

The investigation into this is still in its early stages. We will be keeping an eye on the issue ( to determine the best way to clean this up.

another new display name.

things have been moving QUICKLY

hypno, infohazard that may affect your enjoyment thereof 

what if the point of the induction is not to put you into a trance or affect your headspace as such...

but to instead invite you into that space, and you can choose to go there or not, and your belief that it is working makes it actually work.

and that sounds just a tad bit like magic to me.

us covid response 

I once saw someone describe leftism vs conservatism as "designing systems to fit people, instead of forcing people to fit systems" and idk that there's a better example of the latter than "aha, we will just make the children be orderly and clean!"

If you'd told me a community I had any sort of connection to or respect for was participating in a fantasy sportsball league even a month ago I'd have laughed in your face.

These are weird fucking times. XD

artists are mages who haven't realized the full extent of what they can do

infohazard, identity/thought merging 

imagine if you could do it in real-time and simultaneously transmit and receive.

you and a couple other people you really trust can Be A Hivemind in a really strong sense

i find that thought really fuckin powerful and good actually

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