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capitalism take 

hot take: an important function of celebrity culture is to legitimize capitalism in the eyes of the people, by picking a few working-class people and elevating them as an example of what you could do, if only you tried harder or found the right trick and never give up.

you will likely never be a celebrity, nor will you be rich, and if you do you do at the whims of the owning class.

current events 

be gay

if you do crimes, don't admit to them on the internet

changed my display name for the first time in literally years

this feels like a huge shift

think it's beginning to sink in for me that it's not enough to have a good habit or idea. i have to have a deliberate workflow and make that second nature if i want consistent results

today in "computers were a mistake", the osx app for facebook messenger is using 716% of my cpu

"Reading your posts has made me a gayer person." Thank yo u. A lot of people tell me that,


i dunno how anyone can read asimov and think that rules alone are sufficient to prevent counter-intuitive fuckery

a big thing was how the 3 laws of robotics can be applied and bent in so many ways that are not what anybody expected

abstract takeaways:

  • know where you actually stand on issues and what your motivations are, and educate yourself
  • generally allow for ways of thinking and seeing the world that you don't necessarily share, so long as those worldviews and people do not necessarily exclude yours (the 'no fucking nazis' clause)
  • if the reason you care about something isn't really about that thing, that's pretty suspect

announcing my new game, animal crossing but the trees become translucent when you're standing behind them

it's animal crossing but the trees become translucent when you're standing behind them

Hiiiiii I now make and sell pride moon phase necklaces you should get some.

selfie, eye contact 

my "chihiro fujisaki is a trans girl, viewed from the perspective of a transmisogynistic writer who believes trans girls are just boys in skirts" t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

oh if only being a developer was as easy as tapping the build info 7 times...

Calls for education, cops 

Calls for "educate yourself" just aren't working in the larger social spheres.
They are working for folks in the streets.
They are working for folks in the CHAZ/CHOP.
They are working for those who witness police violence firsthand.
They are not working at my job.
They are not working with my dad.
They are not working with folks who just learned what Juneteenth is.
Minority folks should not have to be educators. This is not a reasonable expectation.
We need a better media.
We need schools who aren't afraid of government cuts to teach kids what's really going on.
We have the delivery methods for educating folks already. But its clear, they will try to educate themselves if first they only understand why.

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