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General pattern: A lot of very rare, amazing and powerful things in my life have come from listening very carefully to people's reasons for why I shouldn't talk to someone or do something, and then going ahead and talking to them or doing that thing anyway.

I'll be the judge of that :) But I do appreciate the heads up!

tf writing prompt from reddit, sfw 

by u/jayn-poopster

wired: using they/them as pronouns to affirm your gender feels
inspired: using they/them to trick people who don't understand plurality into affirming those feels, and also the former

Funny how "phone" is now "insanely powerful portable computer with access to the world's knowledge and emojis" instead of "chonky analog device hardwired to a network once hacked by cereal whistles."

people whom i've given HRT to are my trans godchildren

why is it called dandruff from a human but dander from a dog? shouldn't it be the other way around?

Concept for online chat 

Sometimes when I am talking with friends in person we use a concept of "the stack", like a data stack, where we digress and push new topics on the stack, then try to remember what its previous state was after popping the digression off the stack. "What were we talking about again?"

Often discussions online are in threaded form. This inverts the stack into a visible tree record, allowing digressions to split off indefinitely and never fold back into the main thread. Everything is "in reply to" something else, thus we get annoying rebuttal threads where two people who HAVE to score points go at each other for as many rounds as they can, making a diagonal streak down the page.

Sorting by time is often used instead of tree threading. In this model, which flattens time, whomever speaks most often holds the topic, and formal structuring of topic to information is limited to thread and post titles. Flattening the thread reduces direct addressing and allows for broader interjection, but also causes "forgetting" of purpose.

What if we had a concept of a stateful stack that tracks the discussion for us? That is, if we always had two columns, one for the continuation of the current and the other for pushing the digression?

Also can I just say it makes me almost physically queasy when someone uses investment or interest as a metaphor these days?

Like, nurture your egg chickens, plant trees that'll bear fruit, pour a foundation to build your home on, add to your wiki, there's a ton of terms that aren't fucking toxic.

It does almost no one any good to talk about life in the terms of a paperclip maximizer.

I'm so fucking happy to be trans.
I'm so fucking ecstatic to be on the spectrum.
I'm so amazingly blessed to be queer, poly, and sexual.
This is me and I am so heckin' proud of myself.

So I think it's easy for the word "pride" to hit semantic satiation.

Please, take a moment to appreciate it fully.

I'm proud of being queer. I'm proud of being trans. Those are traits that I consider positive and that I want to celebrate. They're things I love about myself.

We're fucking powerful. Especially, together.

hey wait

aren't a lot of video essays just podcasts with random things to focus your vision on and zone out with?

Twitter, notable transphobe (+) 


Seattle people who like tea!!! The following tea shops are terrible and you should never give them business!!!

Crimson Lotus - harbors abuser
B Fullers (the steampunk one) - anti-mask, thinks covid is overblown
Queen Mary's - sued drag queens for trademark stuff

Can point you to receipts upon request.

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