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By popular demand this cursed design now comes in catgirl and foxgirl varieties.

You can actually buy one if you REALLY want to... They'll be up once the computers get them in the system and all that at

got a haircut in the back yard today

my undercut is gay again! and my hair is an inch or two shorter

started looking through old photos and wow, I do not give myself enough credit for having had the guts to leave the house looking as awkward as I did in 2017. now I understand why DrSparks was so worried about whether she’d still be attracted to me haha

in 2018, on the other hand, i regained all the hotness I had lost *and then some* 😁

understatement, consensus reality meta 

holy fucking shit, the first half of this year was intense, fuck me, wow

"Discourse Day" = "Groundhog Day"

* I poke my head up out of my hole to see what's going on, and if it's Discourse I go back underground to wait it out for another six weeks

* it just keeps going around and around and around (and around and around)

(reposting as public because, well, yeah)

i like favstars. they give me a way to feel like i'm participating without having to come up with a take, and without anyone getting my unasked-for take

you ever just get a headache and know you're pushing your mind too far? ... ow.

time to chill, i think

horny shitpost (communism) 

communism is cute and i wanna hold her hand

news, mapol, polyamory, somerville (++) 

Somerville recognizes polyamorous domestic partnerships

On June 29, Somerville quietly became one of the first cities in the nation – if not the first – to recognize polyamorous domestic partnerships.

The historic move was a result of a few subtle language shifts. For example, instead of being defined as an “entity formed by two persons,” Somerville’s ordinance defines a domestic partnership as an “entity formed by people,” replaces “he and she” with “they,” replaces “both” with “all,” and contains other inclusive language.

when i stick my finger out, this cat boops his nose against the tip

he'll be walking past and i'll stick my finger out, and he'll just boop it and go on his way

i can't even; it's the most adorable thing ever

seattle pol, pride 

tired: marching in an anticipated ceremony on capitol hill for trans pride
wired: marching in an unanticipated protest to jenny durkan's mansion in solidarity against a broken system that kills and fucks everyone over

june 2020 is the realest pride month

I should probably post this before pride month ends!

Vwooom! ... Vwooom!
Whoever gave me a laser sword probably regrets it now :P

(about ten minutes painting)

Terrible Gothic humor don't read 

If you give a bunch of Goths work, are they Busy Goths?
If you have a bunch of Goths drinking soda, are they Fizzy Goths?
If you have a bunch of Goths fry their hair at the salon, are they Frizzy Goths?
If you spin a bunch of Goths right round baby right round like a record baby, are they Dizzy Goths?

*pats roof of catte* this good girl can fit so many headpats in it

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