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Suspended the instance at for having too many racists/channers/general boors, apparently including the admin (who was previously banned from m.s for this sort of nonsense)

cc: @rey @mxsparks @quad

Suspended the instance at for running a "Mastodon User Matching" bot that scrapes user data:

cc: @rey @hakabahitoyo

Meta, block evaders This user and their instance are now blocked on -- thanks for the heads up.

Hi all! I'm @mxsparks and soon I'll start co- with @rey.

- baby enby
- electrical engiqueer (VLSI type)
-- i.e. programmer with a soldering iron
- devoted cat-parent
- non-traditional grad student
-- related: brand new Austinite
- recovering submariner
- almost definitely neuro-something
- lapsed runner
- definitely exactly one human being
-- NOT just three cats in a trenchcoat

The Vulpine Club

The Vulpine Club is a friendly and welcoming community of foxes and their associates, friends, and fans! =^^=