re: migraine, complaining, cranky 

@kuzetsa πŸ’œ

re: migraine, complaining, cranky 

@kuzetsa oooof

I'm sorry, love :<

fucked up that they made cables gay. fucked uper that they made connectors straight

In response to this Twitter thread about horny Victorian calling cards, a solution to the awkwardness of 21st-century queer dating

actually an interesting read; thanks bot!

actually an interesting read; thanks bot!

at some point, I need to start planning out the network deployment for the new place

it's been awhile since I've built a multi-AP production network

looking forward to it

we took a car load of Stuff to the storage place today

most of my clothes and books are now in storage πŸŽ‰

and now I'm doin a recovery day

❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

hi friends, ya fave sex educator was laid off yesterday and i need some support to buy a laptop to start the job search over again, as i currently don’t have access to a computer.

my venmo is @ juicebat, any donation helps! if you donate over $10 i’m also happy to send you a lewd (put your @ and a πŸ’– in the comments), and for over $50, a lewd video. please only donate if you have the means.

boosts always appreciated!

#transcrowdfund #wenbiesday

@Elizafox it's not theft if it's committed against your own civilians

re: tech gore (powerbank/external charger) 

@LunaDragofelis aaaaaaaaaaaa

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