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To support our siblings who have protested this assault on their ancestral lands and our shared country.

blm rebellions 2020, mt rushmore, sdpol 

Indigenous activists are protesting at Mount Rushmore, claiming their right to the land under the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.

Letting my pride flag fly.

Animation by

(CW: assorted death threats directed toward an actress)

Every discussion site should be moderated by actual living people who know what they're doing or are willing to learn. When people do this, it comes quickly and uncontrollably. It's not imaginary, and it's not a joke, and it happens to people you know.

Federation is not just about fun technical design choices. Moderation tools are not optional.

PDX COVID-19 mutual network needs more volunteers 

We hope that you are all doing ok with the stress, isolation, and potential serious health consequences that we're all facing. While energies may be flagging, COVID-19 is just getting started in our community. If you are able to volunteer, your help is needed. If you have a fair bit of time and energy on your hands and want to be involved quite a bit more, you can fill out this:

got a haircut in the back yard today

my undercut is gay again! and my hair is an inch or two shorter

I now have three weather apps installed. Next time it rains at 3am, I'll be among the first to know.

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anyone got a good recommendation for a weather app on Android?

soft species things, foxes 

the smell when your muzzle is burried in the fluff of a fox's tail

TV Roomba: putting a television on a Roomba so you can "watch TV" as it putters around the house vacuuming.

Roomba TV: putting a camera on a Roomba so you can watch a Roomba-eye view of your house as it putters around the house vacuuming.


πŸ’ Anonymous Question: Pregnancy risk for people on testosterone? 

There are no studies showing testosterone is an adequate birth control measure! Safety first!

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πŸ’ Anonymous Question: Tips for eating out someone with a vagina? 

love to give sex tips! most how-tos around vulvas are filled with truly terrible advice.

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speaking of k8s, i love k8s. every single person named k8 (or a variety of such) i've ever seen here is a cutie and a lovely.


folks, let's talk about k8s.


masto (perhaps mastoadmin even!) question 

hey so I kinda broke my individual account (@adelia) a while back while attempting to lock it down and turn it into a "dark thoughts" account. I used the Follows and Followers (<instance domain>/relationships) interface to remove pretty much everyone, but what I discovered is that though *I* was no longer following anyone and it said no one is following me anymore, everyone was still following and could see my posts. We were able to confirm what was happening when we looked at the account from and Does anyone know how to fix this?

so! there's an open room in my apartment in Somerville MA available 9/1! rent is $950/month. the available bedroom has a parking space and a walk in closet! i like this apartment a lot, it's a nice place. it has its own free laundry, a good sized kitchen, and a dishwasher! a more official writeup with pictures and more details is in the link.

please boost this post, and message me if you have any interest in the room, thanks :blobcatheart: :boost_requested:

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