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I may as well make a new post since I got the admin bit here.
Hi! I'm Rylee. they/them or ve/ver pronouns!

Label collection: postfurry, pan, queer, nonbinary, kinky

I'm a tech worker by trade, making The Cloud™️ more reliable. By hobby I like shit posting, weed, emotions, peer counseling, swimming, cuddles, role-playing, writing, and of course, video gaming.

I'm a little picky with my followers so feel free to request but I might not approve for a while.

See you around!

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I got a bunch of follow requests without intros recently. They'll probably languish in my FR box for a while before I delete them. 🤷‍♀️

I'm pretty serious - if I don't know you (to be read as "on hugging terms in the orthocosm" for simplicity), please don't send a follow request without an intro. I'm just not willing to compromise my safety. I get vulnerable here, ok? The least you can do is reciprocate.

This video was sponsored by A Fuckton Of Bats

I still have open slots for emoji commissions! If you'd like professionally finished vector emoji of your OC (and help a stuggling disabled queer designer in the process), check me out!

Nothing says contempt for history like server-side only streaming games.

sega, give us chao garden for mobile devices

do it you cowards

d o i t

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"Fines mean legal for rich people" radicalized me

"Consumerism is the worship of the god of quantity; advertising is its liturgy. Advertising is schooling in false longing."
- John O'Donohue

the earth bulges at the equator. dummy thicc confirmed 🌍

If you read the Bible and didn't come out the other side at least a little communist, you didn't read the Bible

So with all that in mind!!

Please please take that ANE survey, talk to ANE staff, and PLEAD for a different fucking charity, using all those arguments I presented.


I just booped an entire thread from @shel and would like to say: as ANE staff, please PLEASE fill out the survey that just went out. On the last page, there is a general con feedback box. PLEASE PLEASE mention the charity. We can't change this unless there's significant noise from the community.

I would like to propose that we suggest BAGLY or The Home For Little Wanderers, which is a homeless kids' shelter w/a specific program for trans kids.

Pls make suggestions.

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UBI without rent control / massive subsidized housing programs should be called Universal Landlord Income

Employee at the gym: So what are your goals? What kind of body do you want?

Me: *Pulls out phone, excitedly starts showing him pictures of river otters*

Employee: What

Me: What

There should be a word for 'That healthy and beneficial emotive glow that occurs when something happens to remind a fox that they are, in fact, a fox.'

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Hey the feedback form for ANE went out. Make sure to respond, specifically on the last page:

if a crime is punishable by a fine, that means its legal for rich people

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